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The Fishery and Syndicate

The lake is coming up to it’s 30th Birthday, it was originally dug by the previous owner with trout fishing in mind, but that never transpired.  The lake is approximately 2 acres in size and was cut into a hillside.  It has depths ranging from 3 to 14 feet.  Over the period of nearly three decades the lake has matured into a natural larder for the carp that now inhabit it. A large variety of insect life can be found in the lake, but none more so than the caddice fly and damsel that are prolific.  This is put down to the PH of the water, which is 7.4, perfect for carp. 

In 2017 we introduced a 100 lily plants to various areas of the lake, and they have now flourished, which offer the carp great habitat and also superb areas for anglers to view the fish at close quarters. 

We have currently stocked 41 hand picked carp in the lake over the last 3 winters.  Ranging from fully scaled, linears, commons and near leathers (see the gallery to view some of them).  Our intention is to create a venue with 30 fish over 30lb, and we think we are very close to that already.   I think we could happily say that one in two fish are now over 30lb, and at the time of opening, looking at the growth rates of the fish, it could easily be three in every four fish could be over 30lb, with three fish pushing 40lb, one of which we believe is over 40lb, but until it comes out, we cannot be sure.

With every capture, we will assess the fishes progress, if we feel the fish is not reaching it’s potential, it will be removed to allow the other fish to flourish. We also have our own stock pond on site and already have hand selected fish pushing 20lb, this is to ensure the fishery does not stand still, there will always be new fish to replace any fish that do not make the grade in the specimen lake.


2021-2022 Season and How it Works


Syndicate Application Form



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The Map

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