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  • No drugs no alcohol, no dogs.

  • 0.4 mono mainline (18-20lb)

  • 1 rod length (minimum 12 foot) of Korda 50lb Arma cord leader, loop to looped to 3–4-foot 45lb lead or lead-free leader.

  • No running rigs, strictly lead clip (Fox slik clips recommended) but 100% guaranteed to drop off on all takes (NO EXCEPTIONS.)

  • Only Korda heli safe helicopter set up allowed, with no trace drop off top bead and lead clip set to drop every time, no bottom bead (NO EXCEPTIONS).

  • Hooks manufactured barbless only

  • No bent or nailer pattern.

  • Curve and standard Mugga style ok. Maximum size 6

  • Boilies only to be used (No particles, nuts, beans or pulses of any description to be used)

  • No Artificial Hookbaits

  • Lead 3-4 oz only (No back leads of any kind)

  • No rod pods, strictly strong, solid bank sticks suitable for locked up fishing.

  • No unattended rods (if rods are being fished, you must be within your swim).

Hook Link Rules:

  • No zigs

  • No mono or floro hook links

  • No Uncoated braid.

  • ONLY COATED braid (5mm striped near hook if required).

  • 30lb chody hook section is allowed.

  • Maximum hook link length 12 inches.

  • All fish to be carried to and from water in slings (not net only).

  • No nets, slings, or un-hooking mats to be brought to the fishery, the fishery will provide all carp care equipment, including waders.  General footwear e.g., trainers, welly boots will need to be dipped before entering the lake area beyond the otter fence.  

These rules are to reduce the risk of line cut offs, to minimise mouth damage.

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