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2021/2022 Season and How it Works

It has always been our intention to open the fishery as an exclusive hire venue.  Which would allow many anglers to experience and enjoy the lake, as we have done since 2017.  During the last 18 months, we have allowed a few lucky anglers the opportunity to fish the lake.  This has enabled us to see the fish growth, anglers’ reactions to the fish, gage their levels of enjoyment and also introducing the fish to anglers, making the fish a little more street wise to anglers and angling pressure.  Whilst not every angler caught, those who did were thrilled with their captures, and in most cases catching fish that were previously un-caught. 


There was, unfortunately, two incidents where fish were lost due to line cut offs.  Following extensive boat work and professional lake mapping, we have identified an area around one of the small islands that is a potential hazard which could lead to line cut-offs.  We made the decision that this winter, January to March 2021, to lower the water level and remove the rocks that are hazardous.  Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, getting the specialist contractors in has not been possible.  Therefore, we are unable to carry out the works until winter 2022.  This operation has to be carried out during the winter months, when the water temperatures are right down, and the fish are less active.


As a result, we do not think it would be fair on the fish to open the lake to all anglers who may not have had the experience of fishing rocky, snaggy venues like we have.  We have caught well over half the stock of the fish between Sioned and myself, and have had no issues of cut-offs due to the island as we have both had extensive experience snag fishing, i.e., locked up, hit and hold fishing.  Also, we have experience playing carp from boats.  Therefore, for this season only, the lake will be ran on a 20 person, rotation syndicate.


Season 2022 - 2023 will be ran as a syndicate, price, season dates and numbers of anglers to be confirmed. 


Anyone interested in next years syndicate membership are asked to download the APPLICATION FORM, or email Sioned and Steve on

For an application form to be sent

2021-2022 Season and How it Works: About
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